Meet Brownie, a resident of One More Smith for 10 years who is now 19. Today, Brownie has lost his sight and his hearing is starting to go as well. However, he is safe and in the comfort of his surroundings at One More Smith with everything he needs close by.


Beauty came to us this Fall, along with three siblings. They were rescued from a famous cat hoarding episode here in New Jersey. Shortly after they were rescued, they found themselves living in a basement in poor conditions yet again. Beauty, once named Ugly, had been neglected and lost her eye. Today she is in… More >
We get so much out of our pets, they are: lifelong companions, walking partners, friends, and…excellent topics for viral videos
The winter weather has really kicked in to full gear, but despite the cold weather, the animals are out and enjoying meal-time.
The Animals at One More Smith, out and about enjoying the nice fall weather we had recently

Chesterfest 2011 Photos

October 21, 2011
Chesterfest 2011 was a blast! Check out the photos below of people of all ages enjoying themselves and having a great time at the event. Thank everyone for making this year’s Chesterfest a success, and thank you for helping to raise funds and awareness for the animals in One More Smith’s care.
Chesterfest 2011 was a huge success! With over 250 attendees it was a huge event. Attendees showed up in style, on the red carpet posing in front of the One More Smith banner. Check out the photos below of the attendees.
The One More Smith residents had some house guests last week at Chesterfest 2011. The animals were glad to have some visitors over the course of the day.
This Halloween be mindful of what kind of candy or treats are left lying around if you have pets in your home. It is well known that chocolate, even in small amounts, can be toxic to dogs, but there are healthier treats that are just as harmful to pets…Raisins. Raisins, a popular healthy alternative to… More >
Thank you for making the One More Smith Chesterfest a great success.